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Boilers - 100 to 200 litres

Kettles 100 to 200 litres

A round, double-walled kettle with electric heating and capacities of 120 and 150 litres. The double-wall is filled with odourless glycerine which provides the indirect heating, excellent for the warming of soup, goulash and so forth. Of course the kettle can also be used (with thermostat control) for the final cooking of products in water.

The thermostatically-controlled heating elements are located in the glycerine. The standard boiler is on legs but can be provided with wheels as an optional extra. The DWG kettles can be further adapted to your wishes by the fitting of a larger drain tap and labour-saving agitator. An autoclave is also available.

These kettles are fitted with the same type double wall as the DWG with electric heating elements controlling the double wall.  An extra provision is the rectangular cladding that allows extra space for insulation material. The more luxurious version also has high-quality thermostats which govern the kettle and wall temperatures. The 150 litre machine has a round inner kettle, while the inner kettle of the 250 litre unit is rectangular.

The special caterers kettle. Specifically developed for the modern producer of traditional convenience products. Also produced in double-walled form with a special oil filling for extra-high temperatures. Additional standard provisions include an agitator and tilting mechanism. This makes the kettle suitable for numerous uses, such as; searing and frying, boiling in water, mixing, steaming and broiling, deep frying and stir frying. Developed with the usual large kitchen size and standard container sizes in mind.

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