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Boilers - 350 to 700 litres

RHP kettles from 500 to 700 litres



The construction is a self-supporting outside, in which the inner kettle is mounted. The complete construction is made of stainless steel 1.4301 and stands on 4 adjustable legs.


The RHP kettle can be executed for gas, electrical and steam heating. Gas heating standard with the price wise interesting atmospheric burner or an ventilator burner with higher output.
Electrical heating with the heating elements directly under the bottom for direct heat transfer and ideal for cooking products in water. For more tender cooking we offer a double walled inner kettle.

When you choose for steam heating we apply a double walled laser welded bottom.


Useful extra’s.

As an extra the standard cooking kettle is provided with a double walled insulated lid for easy opening and energy saving (about 4%). A core probe and a water inlet are two of the most ordered extra’s. The inlet head for the water inlet is mounted on the covering plate. Optional a second water inlet for warm water can be provided.


For economical and labour friendly work  the kettle become provide with a basket. The standard basket exists from stainless steel plate.


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Boiler RHP-350 t/m 700

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