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Agitator boilers - Agitator kettles KRWK


Agitator kettle KRWK

Agitator kettle - vertical

In this model the drive motor is located underneath, leaving more room at the top for filling and emptying. Available with capacities of 150 to 1000 litres. Specially developed for industrial batch production with the emphasis on quality and hygiene. Ehedg guidelines have been followed in their construction; note, for example, the seamless shrouding of the agitator arm with rounded off materials and easily removable scrapers.


The double-walled inner boiling kettle can be supplied for steam, thermic oil or electric heating. The U shaped agitator works in conjunction with a detainer in order to ensure homogenous mixing.The kettle is not only suitable for ragouts and sauces, it can also be used for cooking and the mixing of products such as fried rice, pasta products such as Chinese noodles, and hotchpotch.

Kettle display Kettle display

Agitator kettle - horizontal

These kettles are fitted with a horizontal powered agitator (vertical rotating)which provides a better mixing action for certain products. In addition, they are ideal for searing and stir-frying. The vegetables or small pieces of meat can be passed along the very hot wall at variable speed, ensuring quick searing. They can then be tipped out into a euro-container.


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Roerwerkketel KWRK

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