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Agitator boilers - RWKP

Mixing kettle

Mixing kettle RWKP

Industrial mixing kettles suited for working with heavy workloads in humid circumstances. Available with capacities of 150 to 1000 litres. A double-walled inner kettle suitable for gas, electrical 
or steam heating. The mixer motor is mounted on a bridge over the kettle. A stainless steel mixer arm with Teflon bottom and side scrapers. The kettle has a standard 1½" drain tap, but larger diameters can be  supplied. Ideal for thicker products such as ragouts or sauces.


Gas Heating with a stainless steel burner with is specially developed for high burning efficiency and reliability. The burner is mounted in a stainless steel flame box and the heat is gently passed to the product by the double wall. When with electrical heating we opt for a classical double wall. The electrical heating elements are in the oil, glycerin or water bath so they can pass on the heat directly. For service there is a removable lid in the front of the kettle. When with steam heating with a double wall out of laser welded “thermplate” In between the very small space between the two stainless steel plates the steam or thermal oil circulates. Not only can the double wall be used for heating but also for cooling with circulating water or glycol.

Mixing kettle display


Standard equipped with our microprocessor MC TT a120. The controls in a separate stainless steel switch box with folio cover.

•    Kettle temperature
•    Timers for process and preset time
•    When with gas or electrical heating with temperature control of the double wall in a delta-T fashion.

As an extra with a touch screen for automatic process control With a memory to store 100 programs. Not only can you store the temperatures but also the speed and l/r turning of the mixing motor.  
You can steer a water counter.

Programs can be recorded on a usb stick or the internet.     

Mixing kettle


The mixer motor is mounted on top of the kettle on a bridge. With a removable stainless steel mixer arm with Teflon side and bottom scrapers.. the mixer arm is removable for cleaning purposes. 

To improve the mixing function left/right turning of the mixer arm is an option. Basic manually with timers or when with a frequency transformer this includes also automatically the left/right turning.     

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