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Agitator boilers - Agitator kettles TRK

Agitator kettle TRK


The inner kettle of the 80-120 litre are single-walled, with direct electrical heating under the bottom. This direct heat ads speed and can be used to roast or brown the contents, or for frying and cooking. The heat of the bottom is measured in several places and is the basis for the temperature control. The heating capacity can be easily adjusted so it is also suitable for thicker products like mashed potatoes’ or sauces. The 200 litre is double walled and heats indirect.



The mixer motor is adjusted under the kettle. It powers a robust stainless steel mixer arm with Teflon scrapers for the bottom and the sides. The mixer is easily removable. Optionally available with an agitator retainer to enhance the mixing action. This technique is taken from our industrial boilers. The stirring and tumbling action enhances the mixing.


Unique in this size is the tilting motor. This allows the put the kettle in tumbling position for additional mixing effect. But also an upright position for filling. Elevation height for emptying is 70 cm for standard 200 litre bins.



To ease the production the TRK can be provided with a water supply. The optional touchscreen controller can store 100 programs so you can create a digital cookbook

Agitator display

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Traiteurketel TRK-120

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Traiteurketel TRK-200

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Traiteurketel TRK-80

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