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Boilers - 750 to 3000 litres

Kettles 750 to 3.000 litres

KOS-boilers with the contents from 750 to 3.000 litres are especially made for industry. The boilers are made completely from stainless steel with a dual lid and a very good thermometer. They have been developed also for the use of baskets. We have chosen for a size of 1x1x0,5 meter, but it is also possible to make one to your own requirements.

- The capacity is for 1, 2, 3 or 4 baskets alongside each other.
- Heated by gas, electric, thermal oir or steam.
- With a pump or a pilot light this gives optimal distribution.
- Controling it with a Visunet registration system.

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RHI ketels 750 t/m 3000 liter

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