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Boilers - RHP

RHP kettles from 250 to 700 litres

Spako has been the trusted supplier for fresh specialists and medium-sized businesses for decades. We combine our long experience with the latest technology and technology. Many of our customers have been using Spako's equipment to their full satisfaction for many years. This series of rectangular kettles, varying from 250 litres up to and including 700 litres, are made entirely of stainless steel. The kettle can be designed for gas (RHP...G), electric (RHP...E) or steam (RHP...S) heating.

The latest GAR 2018 regulations

The gas heated kettle introduced on the Slavakto complies with the latest GAR 2018 regulations. With a tailor-made infra red burner. The burner heats the entire bottom so that the heat is evenly distributed. The pre-mix gas control ensures an optimal mixing of gas and oxygen. The boiler is faster on temperature, saves energy costs and is very environmentally friendly with low CO and NOX values.

Also a double-walled version is available

The electrically heated boiler is directly heated. The elements are located under the ground and transfer the heat directly to the water. A double-walled version is available for both the gas and electric boiler. Steam heated boilers are more industrial and the specifications differ per customer.

Spray-water resistant

The spray-water resistant cover consists of high quality grinded stainless steel 1.4301. Also the RHP is equipped with a 1½" draining tap, bottom sieve and is equipped with a modern, microprocessor control system. For the professional user, the MCTT-A120 microprocessor can be expanded with a core control and the possibility of to capture the values via the PC.


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