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Cooking/smoking Chambers - Spakomat Combi Chambers


Spakomat Chambers

combi chamberSpako has been a longstanding supplier of equipment for sausage and meat processing but also catering. The combination of our more than 65 years of experience and latest technology, our products are perfectly tailored to the needs of the modern meat and meals producer.

Design and implementation

Apart from the modern design, are the Spakomats made from durable materials with the latest welding and insulation technics. Both models come complete with one  trolley ( 80 or 90 cm smoke stick)

Smoke Generators

This new series are available with a liquid smoke generator. This means less smoke and less tar resulting in a better product, fewer and easier cleaning and better for the environment and the health of your customers. The liquid smoke itself is available in different flavours, so you can choose colour and flavour to your own preference.

combi chamber

Touch Smoke

Completely new is the touch smoke generator. The generator is space saving built into the door. The generator works according to a simple principle. A small piece of wooden is heated on a ceramic plate, thus creating the smoke. The very appetising flavoured smoke is produced at low temperature and is recirculated. Is the smoke used then we start a new cycle with a fresh block of wood. The principle is protected by a patent.

The Control

The control is a logical product of the modern era: A colour touch screen, in which 100 programs can be saved: the TP 7.2. The user simply selects a stored program and start it, after which the control does the rest and gives a signal when the product is ready.


Standard features of the Spakomat are: humidifier by water injection, shower and cleaning, steeples fan speed control, electrically powered valves for fresh and exhaust air, chamber and core temperature control and recording capability

combi chamber display

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Kombikast SPM-1180

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Kombikast SPM-1490

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Kombikast SPM-70

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Kombikast SPM-80

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