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Farm shop chooses the traditional smoking chamber

Farm shop chooses the traditional smoking chamber

3 juni, 16

The farm shop De Walhoeve located in Goirle sells homegrown craft products for more than 20 years. The range mainly consists of fresh meat and meat products. In addition, the shop sells local products made by other companies in the area.


The farm shop is a success. Therefore, owner Corné van Roessel decided this summer to invest in a smoking chamber. "We have a butcher that processes the slaughtered bovines and pigs. The only thing missing was a chamber for our meats," says Van Roessel. Van Roessel chose a traditional smoking chamber. "We are a craft business, so we do like to take a step back in time. This smoking chamber is suitable because it is easy to operate. In addition, it has a decent size, so it is worth to turn it on."


Van Roessel opted for a revised model. "Our core business is still the farm. That’s why we are careful with investments on the shop. This cabinet is exactly what we were looking for." Van Roessel is satisfied with the end result. "The first week was just about searching for the right sawdust mixture. But now the process is under control. The end products have a beautiful colour and a delicious craft taste."

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