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Modern control, traditional smoke

Modern control, traditional smoke

3 juni, 16

Beerens Butcher & Caterer is a real craft company. The butcher wants his customers to enjoy the pure taste of meat. That is why the company has its own cattle that is still slaughtered at the butchery. The company has also its own sausage factory. In addition, it evolves with its time and has three chefs who prepare daily fresh meals.


In April, owner Twan Beerens purchased Spako’s new combi chamber. "Our old Spako smoking chamber was then 20 years old. I was afraid that it breaks down in the near future", says Twan Beerens. Beerens finally targeted a new Spako model. "Since the chamber meets our needs and expectations, the choice was made quickly."

Real smoke

The new smoking chamber is similar to the one that Beerens had. The new cabinet has a connection for liquid smoke, but the butcher does not intend to use it very often. "I have tasted products that were processed with liquid smoke by colleagues. I could taste the difference. Besides, our neighbours are not affected by the smoke due to our building’s location."

Touch Screen 

The new smoking chamber is slightly larger than the previous one and has a touch screen. "The advantage is that we can now have a glance at what is being processed in the cabinet. We are delighted and ready for the future."

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