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New: semi-automatic filling

New: semi-automatic filling

3 juni, 16

The semi-automatic drain tap is a practical tool for craft businesses such as in catering and butchery. It allows them to quickly and efficiently fill packages at the right weight. During filling, the agitator will continue to run in order to maintain the same sauce and soup consistency. Each package will have the same composition. The hot product is pasteurized, therefore it is not necessary to give the sealed package an additional heat treatment.


Spako has already delivered the semi-automatic drain tap to a major airline. The soup for passengers is heated in the agitator kettle. Thermos jugs are then filled with the warm soup at the right weight. The advantage is that the process is quick and efficient. Employees do not have to check whether a thermos jug is full. They can already take the next thermos jug and slide it under the tap in a single movement

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