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Great, refurbished equipment

Great, refurbished equipment

3 juni, 16

The Spakomat 70 is currently the most sold system in the Netherlands. The cabinet is fully designed for liquid smoke and is attractively priced. Considerable investments have been made to produce it. There is a 3.8 "touch screen above the door with 100 programs you can save. With these programs you can control not only the time and temperature, but also the humidity, shower, cleaning and continuous air circulation. The cabinet gives an accurate signal when the products are ready. The results can be read on a computer or a smartphone. The Spakomat 70 features twenty smoke sticks and is less than a year old.


Spako has also a Spakomat 1402 with a brand new MC TT 7 control in its range. This smoking chamber is equipped with a carriage of 85x74x170 cm. The unit works with combustion smoke with automatic ignition and cleaning. All the proposed and refurbished models are fully revised by Spako’s technicians. "These devices consist mainly of stainless steel," says Spako’s director Roeland Wasser. "If the vulnerable parts are inspected and replaced, a device could last five to ten years." Spako gives a half warranty and the devices are delivered by Spako-services. 

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