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Used equipment under Spako guarantee

3 juni, 16

Spako has a large range of used equipment. All machines have been reconditioned and will last another five to ten years.

As there is increasingly more demand for used equipment, Spako has a large range available. All used machines are reconditioned. Once they have received a full service from Spako engineers, who will replace faulty or worn parts, the equipment has years of service left according to Spako manager Roeland Wasser. "Machines are mostly made out of stainless steel which lasts for decades. As long as the weaker elements have been replaced, customers can rest assured that they have top quality machines to work with."

Smoking chamber

The range of used equipment can be found on the Spako website under the header 'Used'. A good example is the G100W smoking chamber; an excellent, reconditioned smoking chamber for larger businesses. Another example is the RH400 litre kettle; a multi-functional and delux kettle with many options. All equipment comes with a one year Spako guarantee.

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