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Spako delivers kettels to Exellent Food & Snacks

3 juni, 16

“We have been working for over thirty years with Spako kettles and we are very satisfied with the quality," says Vincent Jongens from Exellent. "We just purchased the same kettles again but this time we bought six of them." The kettles are tailor-made and connected to a switch.They are mirrored placed, aligned at the same point.


Exellent is a specialist in making quality croquettes for catering. Owner and croquette specialist, Piet Laan developed along with chef Cas Spijkers the best recipe for the ultimate croquette. Now the company provides croquettes and Dutch meatballs under the brand names of Amsterdamse Croquetten, Cas Spijkers Croquetten, Exellent and Weiderijck 

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